1. iwasherebeforeyou said: Did you consider using Readability API to allow user to display complete articles even if they are shortened ? Like what Reeder does or the same way that a plugin like Super Full Feeds for Google Reader does.

    I would like to offer something like full easy readable articles but I feel it takes away from publishers who need views to eat. Since hive and other RSS are content first. If a publisher chooses to shorten a feed, I would like to respect that.

    I will gladly point users to a 3rd party service for easy reading ( I feel there is nothing better then Pocket [ http://getpocket.com/ ] for this right now)

    Being dyslexic and having terrible vision I tend to rely on special or large fonts or and readers when reading articles. (thanks to http://www.pixelscript.net/monodyslexic/ for making programming easier)

    An ideal win/win for everyone is a way to flag your site as a publisher or claim it on hive so that Readability/Pocket/etc… star/save/whatever button right from hive. In the mean time I think ‘a take the default RSS and run it to Readability’ like service might be the way to go.

    This is an important issue and I would love to talk it over with some publishers to get their feelings on it.

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