1. Hive Launch!

    The time has come. Hive is ready (mostly) for you, the awesome people, to use it. All the core features are in: subscribing to sites, reading those sites, sharing stories, commenting, liking, staring and xml import from google reader. The UI/UX is awesome and getting better. There are still some features I am adding/fixing and I will be doing that forever. Really excited to put this in your hands right away and get feedback.

    Announcing the closed beta of HiveReader

    not a real logo**
    web 3.0 viral rss social synergy network website.***

    **not a real logo

    *** not a real tagline

    Wait a minute. I’m new here. What’s Hive?
    Hive is the best place on the internet to read the internet. At it’s core it’s a reader app. You subscribe to your favorite sites and read them all in one simple interface. It’s also so much more.

    What happened to Hivemined? Why the name switch?
    This was a much discussed topic. After explaining to the 100th person. “no, HiveminEd, with an e. Like miners” Something had to change. We’ve all been calling it Hive anyway. So why not call a horse a horse and a reader a reader? And horse.com is taken. Hivemined has become the default user we all follow (ala tom) also the blog title is still hivemined.

    How do the keys work?
    When you get a key it has N number of uses. So you can bring your friends in and get down to business or just post it wherever you want. I suggest you hire a plane to skywrite it.

    What does it look like on the inside?
    Like this:
    (yeah, I liked my own post)

    Other Common Questions:

    I need a key right now. I am dying with google reader shutting down.
    Sign up on Hivereader.com. Bug me on twitter. Send me an email Francis[at]hivereader.com I will be slowly sending keys out for others to send to their friends. Starting with people who are alright with using something that might be a little messy or missing something.

    Still working on the experience for people new to readers who don’t have an import file to start with. I hope to have a better ‘getting started’ flow setup soon.

    Pushing code and fixes nearly all day everyday. Keeping my eye on twitter, email, and bug reports. #hivebug

    PS: You are amazing. Thanks for sticking around and helping build the best thing on the internet.

    Again. Huge thanks to Tivix (especially Andy, Adam, Rex, Bret, Sumit and the rest of the Tivix team) for creating the opportunity to make the reader we all want and need (I hope it becomes everything you’ve ever dreamed of).

  2. Hivemined is now my full time job


    Good news everyone! Hive is now my legit job.

    Special thanks to my current employer Tivix, who is sponsoring me and this project. For the next month I will be working on Hive with Tivix and all it’s resources are at my disposal.

    What does this mean for Hivemined?

    I can now focus on this 100% and get it out the door asap. (get yourself ready)
    I will be bringing in at least one other person who is 100% focused on Hive as well.
    I also will be getting help from some of the most talented people I know and already work with.
    With their help, along with my full attention, you can get it in your hands way faster and hopefully with fewer bugs.

    This is super exciting news. I couldn’t ask for anything better. HUGE thanks to Tivix for giving me this opportunity and resources to see Hive come to life. (I think they got tired of me always talking about it and spending all my free time on it, lol)

    To you, the community: thanks for sticking with me! This is now happening without a doubt and should arrive way faster. Expect more updates, we want to be very open about what’s happening and keep you in the loop.

    Lastly, the answer to Beta keys is soon. I’ll have a more concrete answer hopefully late next week.

    I can’t wait, it’s gonna be awesome.



  3. iwasherebeforeyou said: Did you consider using Readability API to allow user to display complete articles even if they are shortened ? Like what Reeder does or the same way that a plugin like Super Full Feeds for Google Reader does.

    I would like to offer something like full easy readable articles but I feel it takes away from publishers who need views to eat. Since hive and other RSS are content first. If a publisher chooses to shorten a feed, I would like to respect that.

    I will gladly point users to a 3rd party service for easy reading ( I feel there is nothing better then Pocket [ http://getpocket.com/ ] for this right now)

    Being dyslexic and having terrible vision I tend to rely on special or large fonts or and readers when reading articles. (thanks to http://www.pixelscript.net/monodyslexic/ for making programming easier)

    An ideal win/win for everyone is a way to flag your site as a publisher or claim it on hive so that Readability/Pocket/etc… star/save/whatever button right from hive. In the mean time I think ‘a take the default RSS and run it to Readability’ like service might be the way to go.

    This is an important issue and I would love to talk it over with some publishers to get their feelings on it.


  4. Google is Shutting down google reader


    I have been working on hivemined it has been slow recently (due to job work) but with this new byebye reader news.
    I am going to try to shift into overdrive. I’ll post news and updates. Also follow on twitter @hivemined


  5. 1 year ago. (OK, it’s a bit more then that)

    On Oct 21, 2011 I said this.

    About a week later Google shut down the share feature and got rid of your followers. I wrote code and had a replacement sloppily built shortly after. Which I then tried to refine, over the course of the last year (with some interruptions due to anxiety and job work keeping me busy). Realized It wasn’t going so hot, and started over.

    Hivemined.org is now on it’s 3rd rewrite. I have been calling it Return of the Jedi(v3). The 1st version was just as fast as I could type it, that frantic weekend and couple days last Oct and Nov. Then v2, ( where the infamous 81% came from ) a front end speed up and redesign. After beating my head trying to make it better for quite a while it then dawned on me that I was approaching this the wrong way from a architecture stand point and the code was never gonna get better. That brings us to v3.

    Return of the Jedi(v3) is a complete rewrite. All new code written from the ground up with all the knowledge I have now from v1 and v2. It’s super fast, and robust. The feeds updates in real time (pubhubsubbub). It can handle nearly all feeds, whatever error they might have or other weirdness. Works on nearly any language. My testing feeds have 50’ish Arabic(left to right text), 20’ish Chinese / Japanese / Korean, and a dozen in other languages (not to mention 1000’s of other feeds in English ).

    The feed engine and ‘reader’ side are done’ish ( backend:99%, frontend: 50% ). Sharing/Social is the next thing after that gets all finished. ( Backend: 30%, fronend: 0%)

    I’m invested in hivemined.org a 100%. It will be done or I think I might go mad, lol. I want it to be real, complete and to use it. Nearly every day I am checking my reader and there is at least one story I still move the mouse to click share :( I am slowly pushing my way to a finished, at least base line of features done, product. As soon as I have something worth users, I plan on sending out a ton of invites and letting everyone know. It’s gonna be awesome.

    Here some stats and other cool info.

    Lines of python:
    Hive-v2:                     6099
    Return of the Jedi:  11085
    These are numbers without extra libraries. This is the code that powers the site currently.
    Lines of Javascript:
    Hive-v2:          a lot
    Return of the Jedi:   even more
    Both have too many Javascript lines to count with the all the libraries.
    I had a hard time getting counts without jquery/backbone/etc.. getting in the way. Let’s just say there is a lot of javascript going on.
    Site and Followers:
    1,224 visitors to the lander page last month. (avg 40ish a day)
    1,855 followers on twitter (awesome)
    5,544 people on the email list. (awesome!!)

    I get 3 to 5 emails a week about hive and its status
    I may not respond to them all, but I read them and it makes me feel awesome.


    You guys and girls are awesome. Keeps me going that other people want and need this everyday. When Hive comes it’s gonna be awesome! Built for sharing, community and content. The same community who has stuck by me and this project. For those who still know the best way to share and comment on things and wish for it back.

    For the 1000+

    (someone made this and I found it, lol)

    Some extra Francis info:

    In the last year. I have:
    • Worked on hive, and when not working on it I thought about it every day.
    • Reconnected with lady college friend.
    • Convinced mentioned lady to move across the country and move in with me
    • Did tons of work for my real job. (work for consulting company)
      • Finished 2 projects for a $4 billion public traded company
      • Had a work related site featured on techcrunch, mashable and a ton of other tech blogs
      • Went on some business trips.
      • Made some mobile apps.
      • A bunch of other web apps.
    • Woke up one day and rented a car and drove 13 hours to the Grand Canyon. (Never seen it before. It’s amazing)
    • Drove down the amazing California coast from SF to LA
    • Drove from Seattle to SF. Through the amazing mountains of Washington and Central Oregon.
    • Got a button machine and have been making buttons for friends and people on the Internet. (with the help of my lovely lady friend)
    • Tons of bands live.
    • Bunches of other stuff.
    • Lived and enjoyed my life and friends. No one wants to look back at there late 20’s and say I wish I worked more.

    Also, I learned a ton. I am a much stronger programmer, designer, UX/UI, server admin, information architect, etc.. Allowing me to now build the best possible hivemined I can, for the best possible people on the planet.

    PS: You’re beautiful. Thanks for reading all that.

  6. Update!

    Next blog post I will start without saying sorry except for this one. Sorry there has not been much in the way of communication about hivemined. I am here and glad to tell you it’s not dead and nearing awesomeness.

    Basically from Nov 30 till Jan 2. There was no work done on hive. For this I am disappointed. Although some people where using it. But I am here to explain the serval factors as to why.

    My real job kicked up and had some important deadlines to meet. With putting in the extra time with that and working on hive I got scared of burnout. I enjoy my free time and wouldn’t want to dread looking at hive and what needed done. So it got put on the back burner.
    I helped my girlfriend move across the county to live here.
    Then there was holidays time, you know shopping hanging out with friends and fam. The normal.
    Also a huge factor was I let the pressure of “it has to be perfect” , “WHERE IS IT WHY ARE YOU NOT DONE YET”, and “You just gonna squander this press and not release something” get to me. Hard. Thus causing anxiety anytime I looked at the code base. We’ll I got over most of that I still feel pressure because I want it to be amazing and when you use it I want you to slip right back in that old greater groove and share and comment your face off.

    I want to set a deadline and say “hey, by end of jan I want to do a twitter/tumblr/email/ect.. invite.” but the pressure of that will get to me and I will put it off till last min and miss that deadline. So going to take the valve games approach and say it’s ready when it’s ready. All I can ask is that you stick with me, have some patience. It’s awesome and you are gonna love it. Just follow on tumblr, twitter or sign up for email or whatever you can.

    I can promise you this at least, I am not gonna drop this or leave it. I am too far invested and want this to be real too badly.

    On a good note, on the 2nd I wrote comment view and it is working and slick as shit. There was also some enhancements to the share bookmarklet and it is also even more awesome.

    Been using trello to track bugs and ideas. Even post a screen shot below so you can see what is left. To inspire hope.


  7. Updates

    Sorry for my silence. jJob work has been crazy busy, but that’s no excuse. I just have bad communication skills.

    Have had some time to work on hive and have a nice long weekend coming up.

    New things added

    -like 90% there but instead of polling (going and asking if your blog have new stuff), I’ve added pubsubhubbub. This means that 90% of your feeds (all wordpres, tumblr, blogspot, and a ton others ) will update in near REAL TIME. This provides a better user experience and also cuts load on server. Anything without pub sub will still check like normal, so no worries.

    -the sharebookmarklet works, I think better then the google reader one did.

    -commenting works and is awesome

    -you can put feeds in to a folder and then click the folder to display all entries from feeds in that folder.

    -profile page of your shares and a nice follow button so you can send it out. ala twitter

    Killer things that need in.

    -fancy entry loading. it currently just loads 40 most recent posts. That’s no good.

    -you can put your feeds in an order. but this shouldn’t be a huge blocker

    -list view for feeds. but thats another non blocker

    Ok, now for beta keys. I plan on putting a system in place where I give out keys to people and that key is good for inviting X number of people. That way you can invite most of your community so you are not just sharing alone and I can still control number of users coming in to see what breaks.

    I know I keep saying it but this is a hard deadline now. I will have some beta invites by Dec 1st.

    Also plan on going though a ton of questions on tumblr over the next couple days and making a nice faq response.

  8. HiveMined update.

    -Rewrote feed getter engine. Old one took up a lot of CPU for even 500 total feeds. This one seems to be little to nothing even with 5000 feeds. :D Also added a freq checker, So I am not getting your blog that updates once a month every hour and getting your breaking news site about once every 1-2 hours.
    -Added folders that work. Still can’t click on the name and load all entires from sub folders yet.
    -You can now have a cool custom background (why, because it’s fun)
    -A basic profile page that shows your name, a follow button, and your recent shares.
    -Added tagging on the backend. Needs UI/UX
    -Lazy loading images, so they only load when they get close to being viewed. to cut down on page load an weight.
    -You can click that little arrow thing and hide and show the sidebar

    I still need to finish commenting. This is something i keep pushing around because I want it to be right.


  9. Anonymous said: looks like my old and beautiful GReader. Any plans for iphone /andriod apps?

    On my “nice to have list” The site currently works fine on the ipad though :D


  10. Anonymous said: Google Reader also works as a blog backup in a way since it saves posts (and pictures within them) that are no longer accessible at the original source. Will Hiveminded do the same? And will it, like gReader, let you access all past posts no matter how long ago they were made (as long as they were posted after you subscribed to the source)? It's a rather specific question but this feature of gReader is the only thing keeping me from switching to another service after their awful redesign :/

    Yes, currently I go get the posts and back them up for viewing thought the site. I loved this feature in greader because some blogs where not around anymore.